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Copilot.AI helps you during live chats.

When you're away, Copilot.AI answers by itself.

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Auto Mode

Your visitors' questions are answered 24/7 for more sales and signups.

Copilot.AI uses artificial intelligence to respond to questions automatically by using your internal FAQ or knowledge base.

Copilot Also Helps You

Hi I'm the Copilot Bot, I can answer questions about our business and product!


How else can you get me more customers?


I can ask visitors for their contact information to generate more leads for you!


Assist Mode

When you chat with a visitor yourself, Copilot.AI automatically suggests the most useful answers to your visitor's questions.

You can concentrate on delighting your visitor by going the extra mile with recommendations or special insights.

Why You Need a Copilot
Visitor: Thanks for answering my questions
You: No problem!
Visitor: Now, how do I get started?

Just sign-up for early access!
Just sign-up for early access!
It's very easy, we can setup a demo for you.
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Why Copilot

Copilot's bot helps you handle common questions more easily. You spend more time growing your business instead of maintaining it.

We use natural language technology to match what your visitors ask to the closest question. You don't need to reword or tediously train the bot with synonyms.

Power users can use JavaScript to make the bot send your users to specific pages, add items to their cart, and more. You leverage your existing content and tools for more sales.

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How are you better?
The bot uses AI to automatically recognize and suggest the closest questions it knows how to answer. You don't do any of the work!
Yes, it's this easy!

Copilot.AI Makes Live Chats Great

We're made for entreprenuers, marketers, and customer service pros like you.

Start Easily

Just add your frequently asked questions to make your bot.

Provide Consistent Answers

You and your Copilot bot will communicate consistent answers that represent your brand.

Always Be Available

Your Copilot Bot can handle live chat support for you. Your customers never wait.

Integrate with Tools

We integrate with Zapier, so you can send chat logs to your existing CRM or help desk system.

Copilot.AI is a leading chatbot development company based in Chicago, IL with finance, machine learning, artificial intelligence experts behind the scenes. Write to for questions.

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